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Recycling is very important in helping to keep our environment clean. Many people don't understand the importance of recycling unwanted goods.

Over 375 million inkjet cartridges are dumped worldwide each year, and in the UK alone 30 million are dumped each year. Currently only 5% of all empty inkjet cartridges are being recycled!

Ink cartridge recycling also helps reduce carbon based gas emissions, which is a major cause of global warming.

You can make a difference; why not help the environment become a cleaner and better place by recycling your empty cartridges, and you can make money for yourself or your organisation in the process.

Dont throw your old Ink Cartridges away, send them to us for recycling and make money. We have many charities, associations and clubs that have a ink cartridge fundraiser and send us their used printer cartridges and receive a cheque froom us by return post. Boost your clubs funds easily by getting your members to collect empty ink cartridges.

It costs nothing to send your empty cartridges to us, simply go to the "send your cartridges" page and print out a freepost address. It couldnt be easier.

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